Barley, Pearled

Barley, Pearled


Barley is one of the oldest of the domesticated crops. "Pearled" means that the bran and hull have been removed, leaving only a small white pearl of endosperm. Barley has a sweet, nutty flavor & soft chewy texture. Grown along the Nile over 18,000 years ago, an important grain to the Chinese where it was believed to increase male sexuality & in Rome, barley was the special dish of the gladiators. First planted in the US in 1600, it is an ingredient in brewing beer. Add barley to soups, stews, pilafs & casseroles. For a flavorful side dish, mix with sautéed wild mushrooms, onion and garlic.

Barley makes a hearty breakfast porridge, just add nuts and raisins.

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