Smoked Green Wheat Berries - Freekeh is a 100% natural grain that's harvested while still soft, young, green and at the peak of their nutrition. They are then naturally roasted, which provides a unique smoky aroma and a nutty, toasted taste. It’s like a smoky cousin to bulgur wheat and a cross between brown rice and barley, a protein rich superfood high in fiber (up to four times the fiber of brown rice), high in iron and promotes digestive health.  Use freekeh instead of rice, pasta or farro. Make hearty and healthful soups and stews, add amazing undertones to risotto and pilafs, add texture to stir-frys and create fabulous chilled salads. For a creative side dish, toss chilled freekeh with fresh greens and dried fruit. For added flavor, use chicken stock when boiling. Used as a substitute for oatmeal.

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